Channel Letters – Illuminated Letters

Channel letters are beautifully handcrafted illuminated individual letters that are available in front lit / halo lit / exposed neon front faced and side lit formats. Each one of the hand crafted products offers an amazing look to any building or sign. Each crafted by precision machine cutting technologies and bending technologies to ensure the fit is perfect. These precision cut parts are then assembled by our craftsmen to create a beautiful long lasting product to exceed our own 5 year warranty standard. We don’t just build some of the finest products in the market, using the highest quality materials - we stand behind them for 5 years. We are a leader in the industry and have been since 1987, making the very best from the very best materials. We are a UL listed company which insures our product line is built to the highest quality standards in the world. Every channel letter we produce is also finished with extraordinary standards and by craftsmen who take pride in every product we build.

Types of Channel Letters

  • Standard Letters
    • Standard letters are 3 dimensional letters covered with thick plastic and illuminated from the inside.
  • Exposed Neon
    • These resemble Standard Letters but there is no plastic covering, allowing the neon to show through.
  • Backlit
    • These have a solid opaque front and are illuminated from behind the letter, causing a "negative space" when illuminated at night.