Our awning collections are truly inspiring to our customers and their customers. When we build an awning, we build it to last. Our awning customers know that we are building an awning to make your current facility have a great curb appeal. With this simple fact in mind, we build every frame from the highest grade structural aluminum and finished with the largest variety of material available in the South. We offer LED lighting sources to both light your awning for backlighting and down lighting to make sure your facility is well lit for security. We stand behind every awning we build with a full 5 year Signworx warranty. When you buy from us we give you peace of mind with your purchase. For a full scope of designs and print patterns, please give us a call for your free estimate.

Popular Awning Types

  • Concave Awning
  • Dome Awning
  • Canopy With Hip Ends
  • Casement Awning
  • Backlit With Pop-up
  • Gabled Entrance Canopy
  • Convex Awning
  • Backlit with Dormer
  • Rounded Entrance Canopy